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Bringing the Salmon Home: The Columbia Salmon Reintroduction Initiative

Columbia River Symposium Final Agenda

UCUT 2022 Year to Remember

OREM’s Past Conference Films:

OREM-1 Spokane, 2014 Ethics and the Columbia River Treaty - Righting Historic Wrongs

OREM-2 Portland, 2015 Floodplain development in Portland while permanently flooding river valleys of the Upper Columbia River

OREM-3 Boise, 2016 Ethics, Hells Canyon Dams, and the Columbia River Treaty

OREM-4 Revelstoke, 2017 Bringing justice and stewardship to the Columbia River

OREM-5 Missoula, 2018 One River, Ethics Matter: western Montana

OREM-8 Okanagan, 2021 Bringing salmon home: making things right for future generations

OREM-9 Spokane, 2022 Restoring Salmon to the Spokane and Upper Columbia Rivers